Times Square: The New Victoria Gardens

How come I didn’t know Times Square had turned in to an outdoor mall? Did you know that? I was really shocked at how quiet and deserted the area has become, and how difficult it is to get to the Hershey factory. An area that was once anxiety-attack inducing is now quite serene and placid. I didn’t really miss it, but I definitely won’t go to the Planet Hollywood for drinks anytime soon. So boring.

The Naked Cowboy looked so out of place without the cars and people whizzing past him. I wonder if he still gets the same satisfaction as he used to. Actually, I wonder if it’s the same naked cowboy. Maybe they just keep switching him out like the class hampster in sixth grade. This naked cowboy was a lot more ripped than the last one i saw…

And finally, who is gonna do me a big one and photoshop this so it says Foreskin instead of Foresight. Soups? I’m talkin to you.


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