Last night, in a very great New York moment, I saw Madonna.  I was in the bathroom of a very fancy sushi restaurant. By being at this restaurant, I was setting a DSW salerack shoe-wearing foot into a New York niche that I had not earned my stripes to be a part of. But I didn’t care. When I saw the material girl, I said, “Hi Madonna.” And she did not answer. My friend offered her a tampon. She again did not answer. She zipped up her $10,000 purse and floated out the door, seemingly on a cloud made from Kaballa water vapors.

She took her 18 year old boyfriend Jesus and gal pal Jessica Seinfeld and left the restuarant into a sea of papparazzi.

The article below was published online this morning. I like to think that I was the spy talking about Jesus and the sink, but I was really just talking about myself not being able to work the faucet. Fancy bathrooms are HARD.

Exclusive! Madonna Brings BF Jesus Luz & BFF Jessica Seinfeld To Dinner In NYC!

Madonna organized a little power dinner last night at swanky NYC sushi spot Morimoto — and she brought her boyfriend Jesus Luz and gal pal Jessica Seinfeld! was there, and saw the trio arrive at 10:55 pm, along with a small entourage (minus Jerry Seinfeld!) The group was quickly ushered to a table in the back of the high end Japanese restaurant, headed by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and restaurateur Stephen Starr.

Madge and Jessica are actually great friends, and Madonna even went on Jerry’s show The Marriage Ref! Restaurant staffers were guarding their area, and not letting anyone get near their back area.  Madge was wearing a verrry short red and black horizontal stripped dress and black boots, and her hair was wavy. Madonna and her BFF Jessica even wore matching knee-high boots!

One spy at the restaurant saw Jesus in the men’s bathroom, and told us, “He was primping in the mirror for a really long time!  He spent awhile fixing his hair.” Also, “Jesus couldn’t figure out how to use the sink!”


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