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Before pictures

Today after my meeting at HBO, I decided to buy twinkle lights for my room. It’s so small that one strand fits around all four walls. Then I was still bored, and it was raining outside, so I decided to hang them like they hang lines of flags at car dealerships. The red lights were cheaper than white ones. This is what it looks like. It kind of looks like shit.

You can’t see the Frida Kahlo picture I put up because my air mattress decided to walk around and cover it with its girth. I purposely put Frida on that wall so that when Daria lays on her bad and looks over to my room, all she sees is Frida staring at her. So creepy.

None of us can explain why this post is interesting, but it is. You read it. Stay tuned for more updates as to what more shit I can fit in a two inch by two inch space.

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