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Vamping it up

I don’t have any internet at the apartment so I’ve been spending time at a café with free wifi up the street. The people that come in have been very interesting. Not as interesting as the regulars at the “little person friendly” bar across the way, but some really loud and rude NYU biddies came in yesterday and made one of the waitresses cry. This was the conversation.

Biddie: Where are you from?
Waitress: Eastern Europe.
Biddie: Yeah I know but where?
Waitress: Moldova?
Biddie: Oh. That makes sense.
Less rude Biddie 2: Where is that?
Biddie: It’s where vampires are from.
Less Rude Biddie 2: But where?
Biddie: Eastern Europe, dumbass.

The waitress then cried for a little while because she’s foreign and it’s okay to cry when you’re foreign, and I took this as an opportunity to pay for my drink without having to leave a tip. Now that I’ve typed that out I realize how awful I am. But I mean, what’s a vampire gonna do with a dollar anyway?

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